Dr. Cal Morrow

“My family and I moved to Wyoming in June 2009, when I joined the University of Wyoming Family Medicine Residency Program in Casper. Coming from the fairly large city of Fresno, California (both born and raised for the most part), this was a bit of a ‘leap of faith’ for us…well, maybe not so much for my wife, Teresa. I remember the first day she and my 15 month old daughter arrived at our new home, one month after I had started my residency training here. She called me at the hospital, sometime around noon, to tell me that she had already managed to “map out” the town, just driving around and taking in the new landscape. I wasn’t sure how or if we would fit into such a different way of life back then… But she did.

Now, almost four years later, I have come to treasure what my wife seemed to know about Wyoming and Casper from the beginning. In the three years I spent training as a family doctor in this community, my wife and daughter (now five years old in April 2013) and I have developed close relationships with neighbors and friends that we never thought possible at home. We have real ties and a sense of belonging with this community that, quite simply, are disappearing from where we’re from in California

A career in medicine can take a person – and a family – literally anywhere on the map. We still have very strong ties to our family back home in California. But we also feel we have a place here now. As a Casper trained Family Physician, I have come to embrace what I feel is a true and welcome obligation to serve this community – the same community that has embraced my family as ‘one of their own’ from the beginning. In the same way, I look forward to caring for the health and well-being of every member of your family as one of my own.”